How often do we breed/ When will we have kittens available?
It depends, although I hope to do one, maybe two, litters per year, preferably breeding sometime in the spring. This depends on our Queens heat cycles and the number of people on our "VIP Wait List". In order not to add to the unwanted pet population I prefer to have at least 4-5 firm commitments on our waiting list before scheduling a breeding.Then and only then will I plan for a breeding for one or both of my queens.
Our waiting list is catered to our clients, it ensures that each and every one is treated fairly, in a timely and orderly manner. We have no control of the number or sex of kittens in a litter. Kittens will be adopted by Wait List order and timely payment of deposit. That is, first to sign up,with deposit on our "VIP Wait List", will have the best chance of getting a kitten from our next litter. Our Waiting List VIP's will have a reserved priority pick. Also see our special "Pick of the Litter" option. When inquiring, please completely fill out the wait list form below. You may include  color/gender/age preference, and any other specifics you want us to know.

  Kitten VIP Wait List Form:


Briefly describe your family and home life and why you would like to adopt one or more of our Sphynx kittens. You may also include any questions or comments you may have about Sphynx cats or kittens.

We cannot control the number of kittens in a litter or their sex. However, we will do our best to provide you with your first choice. If you are inflexible as to sex of kitten check male or  female below.  If the sex of your kitten is not that important, please check the "No Preference" box.

More on "Wait List"
After receiving your "Wait List" Form we will contact you with a request for funds in the amount of $200 through PayPal . This will be the deposit for your future Sphynx kitten. We will keep you updated on breeding details, pregnancy and kitten  updates. Photos will be available.
Please do not fill out and send the "Kitten VIP Wait List Form" if you are not serious about owning one or more of out wonderful Sphynx cats. Please read our "Policy" Page before submitting your VIP Wait List Form.
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